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Frequently asked questions

Q) How much does a trike conversion cost?
A) Our trike conversions start at £3,500, depending on design and customer requirements. All quotes are dealt with on an individual basis, however all include registration, MOTand tax once triked.

Q) What bikes can you trike?
A) To deliver the best quality, finish and style, SCC would recommend Dragster and Viragos. All shaft drive bikes will be considered as well.

Q) How long does it take to trike a bike?
A) It can take 8 to 12 weeks to complete the trike, this also allows time for registration.

Q) What aftersales service can I expect from SCC?
A) The very best, we take our work and clients needs very seroiusly, you can expect full aftersales care and advice on your ongoing journey with your trike. Often than not clients are coming back to us with requests for add on's rather than issues, however if any were to arise, they would be dealt with promptly.

Q) What other work do you do?
A) At SCC we specialise in modifications, disc brake conversions, paint work, MOT work and MOT's. All work considered, always pick up the phone or pop in to see us, if we can't do the job then we may be able to recommend someone who can.

Q) What trikes and bikes do you service?
A) We service all types of bikes & trikes, our most recent service was on the Harley Davison 1450 soft tail, quotations on request.

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